Trust is the accumulation of positive

shared experiences.

– Anon


Britannia Elevation is the parent company for the British Polo Day platform.


British Polo Day – founded in Dubai in 2009 – is increasingly being valued as a platform that enables and fosters excellent world-spanning relationships, leading to greater opportunity. Building the most dynamic and most interesting relationships, in a meaningful manner, around a truly global community has defined British Polo Day since inception.


Britannia Elevation exists to overstep corporate cycles and, over the course of many years, to earn access “by hand” as part of a global community of capital deployers and decision makers. "Tech meets Tangible" has emerged as an area of affinity, with Clinova* (Digital Consumer Healthcare), Sook** (Adaptive Retail Spaces) and Thameside** (Smart investing made simple) all directly invested in at the Series B & C*/Seed Capital** stages, with founder led introductions made over successive funding rounds ongoing, to what is now a growing global cadre of active investors in requisite markets.