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British Polo Day is proud to have secured coverage in more than 775 different publications globally with an Advertising Value Equivalent of more than £20 million. We have enjoyed features in Vogue, ​Harper’s B​azaar​, ​​Conde Nast Traveller, ​Elle, Tatler, Hello, Robb Report​, Time Out, ​​The Telegraph, ​Financial Times, The Guardian, ​FT ​How To Spend It​ and​ the Mail on Sunday, as well as more bespoke local and international publications such as China Daily,​ Hola, ​Hong Kong Tatler, The Peak, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Huffington Post.

We have hosted the ​editors of Vogue China and Vogue Russia ​alongside key business commentators from the BBC, CNBC, Financial Times and The Telegraph, as well as partnering​ with key publishers​,​ such as ITP in the Middle East who ​own​ more than 75 ​key titles. In addition, British Polo Days have been broadcast to over 9 billion people, having been featured on CNBC, China Daily, CNN, CCTV (the Chinese State TV), ​Fox Sports, Sky News Australia, Sony TV and Russia Today among others (the latter, for example, having a global reach of over 630 million people in 100+ countries).

British Polo Day also enjoys direct interaction with its thousands of fans and followers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, where blogs, photos and films are shared among the British Polo Day community.