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About British Polo Day



British Polo Days are a celebration of craft and heritage in a polo events network that spans the World. British Polo Days have become an unparalleled platform for elite engagement in emerging and growth markets.

Having held over 50 events in 15 countries since 2009, the British Polo Day Global Series has grown to encapsulate 10 annual events, spanning Abu Dhabi, Australia, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Singapore, Sumba Island (Indonesia), Thailand and the US to name a few​. Expect to see British Polo Day in South Africa, Brazil and South Korea in the near future.

The story of British Polo Day stems from a love of the history and traditions of the ancient sport of polo and a recognition that the ‘international language of the horse’ can bridge cultures, bringing people together on a global scale while celebrating ties with our partner countries. The aim of a British Polo Day is to continue the tradition of playing high quality polo against friends in host countries, while also acting as a platform for businesses in emerging and growth markets, giving them intravenous access to the global community. This shared love of the sport is used to open doors and build a network of diplomatic and commercial opportunities to showcase these companies and brands and use British Polo Day as a conduit for projecting quality, craft and heritage. British Polo Day is a fast-growing, ambitious and aspiring company that partners with some of the World’s best companies, including RJI Capital, Harrods, Bentley and Royal Salute and many more (View our partners here).

Our events provide a conduit for these businesses to access their target clients, giving them unique experiences in iconic destinations, For example British Polo Days have celebrated our shared values and culture with galas on The Great Wall of China and fashion shows at Rajhastani Palaces. We have worked on developing these experiences, and have partnered with True Luxury Travel to ensure that guests can enjoy the very best that each country has to offer.

Although the ancient sport of polo began in Persia and China many centuries ago, the British reinvented the modern game in the nineteenth century and spread it globally. Sir Winston Churchill, one of the greatest proponents of the game, once famously said "a polo handicap is a passport to the world" and polo is still thriving everywhere it is played. Each British Polo Day event features British polo players from some of Britain’s leading institutions such as Eton, Harrow, Oxford, Cambridge and The British Army who compete head to head with the very best teams in our host countries. Over 100 top British and international players have played at British Polo Days.

The success of the British Polo Days has been largely down to word-of-mouth endorsement from many guests and supporters including key figures in government, the aristocracy, diplomats, military, fashion, art and popular culture. In addition, British Polo Days have hosted members of 12 royal families, 100 independent billionaires and leaders in world innovation including Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk among others. Over 20,000 guests have enjoyed British Polo Days since inception.

British Polo Day is the only international polo network of its kind and has secured a cumulative global audience of well over 12 billion and an Equivalent Advertising Value of more than £843,000,000 having been featured in The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Robb Report, CNN, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, China Central Television, Russia Today, Finches Quarterly Review and Vogue China. (You can find full press coverage here) In 2015, the World’s largest Instameet was held at British Polo Day Morocco, with an international audience and amplification of more than 30m.

The British Polo Day team is also very proud of its philanthropic efforts. In countries all over the world, polo has a long history of raising significant funding for worthy causes. Wherever possible, British Polo Day is entirely committed to bringing to bear the full weight of its partners, network and creative talent to this end. In partnership with the host family or Club in each case, British Polo Day divides the fundraising proceeds from every international leg equally between local and British Charities. In so doing, the ties between two nations are reinforced further through shared charitable ambitions. In 2015, the cumulative running total of amounts raised for good causes broke through the $1.5m threshold and keeps on rising.

The British Polo Day team continue to thrive within the British and international craft sector, as they have become a trusted source for purchasing decisions by international elites. British Polo Days have become an irresistible means for the top polo teams and players to come together for competition globally. Additionally British Polo Day will continue to innovate and pioneer unique platforms for craft and polo associated brands. The recognition of the establishment of the British Polo Day Brand was evident in June 2013 when the UK Intellectual Property Office registered British Polo Day as a Trade Mark.